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AppsinaSnap apps increase orders, fill tables and more

Restaurants and clubs come and go. An AppsinaSnap mobile app can keep you going, and growing, with easy, effective messaging that can bring you more customers, increase their loyalty and the size of their orders, and keep your staff on the phone less and on the job more.

An AppsinaSnap restaurant app:

  • We create apps for the most popular platforms; iPhone, Android, iPad and android tablets
  • Update your information yourself, or let AppsinaSnap do it for you with a fax or email
  • Shows your complete menu to give your customers quick delivery, pick-up, or ordering
  • Lets you take mobile orders for a meaningful increase for your business – some large chains get 25% or more of their orders from mobile devices
  • Keeps your orders mistake-free and up to 15% higher than in-person orders
  • Displays a GPS map of your location and directions using a phone’s navigation
  • Includes live GPS mapping to show attractions near your restaurant
  • Shares a large photo gallery of your exterior and interior
  • Provides email and call functions
  • Promotes loyalty programs to increase return business
  • Reduces the cost of food ordering services – Instead of a 7% to 14% commission and payment only once a month, an AppsinaSnap app charges you nothing and pays you within 24 hours
  • Stop paying those online ordering service fees, we show you how to use cross-marketing to increase your mobile app business
  • Makes you competitive with restaurants that already take orders via their own app – Including orders from your customers

You can learn more about our mobile apps from your in-person AppsinaSnap rep. Call or email today to set up an appointment.