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AppsinaSnap Apps Increase Tourism, Revenue And Membership

Whether you’re a convention and visitor’s bureau, a chamber of commerce, or a business improvement district, an economical, easy-to-navigate AppsinaSnap app can bring more tourists to your town and more members to your organization. You can even monetize your app to offset its cost by charging each member a small annual fee. Your app serves as a guide-in-your -hand that helps visitors visit attractions, sights, merchants, and events during their time in your community.

Our apps put a guidebook on your Smartphone

  • We create apps for the most popular platforms; iPhone, Android, iPad and android tablets
  • Update your information yourself, or let AppsinaSnap do it for you with a fax or email
  • Our apps are cross platform; iPhone & Android are all standard
  • Present a full page for each member or attraction, complete with pictures and links to their website
  • By having a guide on a smartphone you save on printing costs and be environmentally responsible
  • Provide email and call functions
  • Promote local restaurants and tourist destinations
  • Promote community events
  • Display photo galleries and have user upload images
  • Local news or information with RSS feeds
  • Display a map of your location and directions to members using a phone’s built-in GPS navigation
  • List local businesses by category and on maps
  • Display special services such as medical and police information

You can learn more about our mobile apps from your in-person AppsinaSnap rep. Call or email today to set up an appointment.